rotational direction

rotational direction
направление вращения

English-Russian dictionary of telecommunications. 2015.

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  • Rotational spectroscopy — Part of the rotational vibrational spectrum of carbon monoxide (CO) gas (from FTIR), showing the presence of P and R branches. Frequency is on the x axis, and absorbance on the y axis. Rotational spectroscopy or microwave spectroscopy studies the …   Wikipedia

  • rotational aftereffect — (RAE)    A term used to denote a motion aftereffect induced by fixation on a rotating stimulus. After this rotating stimulus has been viewed for several minutes, and then brought to a halt, the stimulus will appear to rotate in the opposite… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • rotational nystagmus — noun nystagmus caused by the body rotating rapidly; large slow movements of the eyeballs are in the direction of rotation • Hypernyms: ↑nystagmus …   Useful english dictionary

  • Compound of four octahedra with rotational freedom — Type Uniform compound Index UC10 Polyhedra 4 octahedra Faces 8+24 triangles …   Wikipedia

  • post-rotational nystagmus — noun nystagmus caused by suddenly stopping the rapid rotation of the body; large slow movements of the eyeballs are in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation • Hypernyms: ↑nystagmus …   Useful english dictionary

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  • The Spinning Dancer — If the foot touching the ground is perceived to be the left foot, the dancer appears to be spinning clockwise (if seen from above); if it is taken to be the right foot, then she appears to be spinning counterclockwise. The Spinning Dancer, also… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct TPMS — Direct TPMS, or direct tire pressure monitoring systems (direct sensor TPMS) refers to the use of a pressure sensor directly mounted on the wheels or tires of a vehicle.[1] The pressure inside the tire is measured using a pressure transducer with …   Wikipedia

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